The Eye Place

Here at The Eye Place we provide quality eye health care with a strong focus on customer service.


We aim to make the process of getting glasses feel more

like an experience rather than a task for our patients.

We achieve this by giving sound advice and educate you

on what is happening with your eyes and your vision and

explaining your options thoroughly so you can feel

confident in your purchase after making an informed


We want our patients to feel like they are getting the best

frame for them, rather than settling on one that will do.

This is why we have a large frame selection. We want you

to be able to relax and take your time choosing.

Although we do have set opening and closing times, if you

require an appointment outside of our regular hours,

let us know and we will accommodate you as best we can.



Holly is our sole optometrist who graduated from the University of Auckland as a therapeutically qualified optometrist with honours. She has been practicing in Orewa for over three years and lives locally. She is committed to providing the best eye care for each patient.



 Has extensive background in all areas of customer service at various leading Auckland companies.

I'm here to help you choose the perfect frame for your individual look, taking in to account facial features and bone structure, prescription requirements and your daily needs.

I will also advise you on which lenses suit your routine and coatings to help protect them from activies to insure a quality durable result.