Comprehensive Eye Examinations

An eye examination with us will take 35-45 minutes and include a full prescription check and thorough inspection of the health of your eyes. This includes retinal photography to capture an image of the back of your eyes.


Driver Licence Screening

We can issue you a certificate for your driver’s licence providing you pass a quick screening check. If you do not pass, you may be required to undergo more thorough testing.


Contact Lens Fitting

Following a full eye examination we can determine which contact lenses are best suited for your eyes and your vision. A contact lens fitting and teach session followed by a trial allows us to provide you with the best lenses for you.


Children’s Eye Examination

It is important to have your children’s eyes examined whether they have complained of vision issues or not. Many issues can go undetected without a complete eye examination. Your child may also be eligible for a government subsidy which can cover the cost of the examination and glasses (if required). Please phone us for more information. (09) 4260084


Spectacle Repairs and Adjustments

If you feel your glasses aren’t sitting quite right or are not comfortable we will adjust them for you onsite, free of charge (whether you are a previous customer or not). We can do many minor repairs on site also; depending on what is required it may be free of charge or there may be a small fee. For more serious repairs we will send these to a specialised spectacle repairer.



We have a wide range of prescriptable sunglasses. If you do not require a prescription in your sunglasses then you can purchase them straight off the shelf and wear, most of them already have polarised lenses. If you do require a prescription, we have a wide range of tint colours and the option of polarised or non-polarised, anti-glare or no anti-glare.


Dry Eye

Dry eye is a very common problem for many people. We can test how effective your tears are at keeping your eyes moisturised and comfortable. If there are any deficiencies, we will find the cause and come up with a personalised treatment plan.